Dating Mistakes

Men make the following mistakes:

  1. They do not follow through
  2. They ask questions about a woman’s romantic past
  3. They have lost the ability to be chivalrous
  4. They do not communicate well
  5. They can be emotionally unavailable

Women make the following mistakes:

  1. They call guys first
  2. They sleep with men too soon
  3. They ask the guy to define the relationship
  4. They are too available
  5. They allow everything to be on the man’s terms

….do you agree? Are there exceptions?

Sports Fish

“All I’m telling you to do is to be smart about it. Know that if this man isn’t looking for a serious relationship, you’re not going to change his mind just because you two are going on dates and being intimate. You could be the most perfect woman on the Lord’s green earth-you’re capable of interesting conversation, you cook a mean breakfast, you hand out back rubs like sandwiches, you’re independent (which means, to him, that you’re not going to be in his pockets)-but if he’s not ready for a serious relationship, he going to treat you like sports fish.”
Steve Harvey, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment

Tied to the desk? One in 10 admit to having sex in their office, survey shows

One in ten workers have had sex in their workplace, according to a survey released today.

A surprising number of employees not only admitted to a flirtation with a colleague but said they’d gone as far as consummating the relationship on the premises, according to the Houston Chronicle

And if you haven’t had sex in your workplace, you’ve probably thought about it – with almost a quarter of those surveyed (22%) saying they fantasized about being involved in steamy scenes around the office.

Almost half (41%) also said they suspected their co-workers had become intimate in their place of work.

More than 1,000 anonymous employees replied to the the survey at jobs site Glassdoor which suggests steamy TV shows such as Mad Men may not be too far off the mark.

A large number (37%) had been involved in office romances themselves while a majority of respondents (51%) said they thought it was OK for co-workers to date.

Almost one in five (18%) admitted they were attracted to a co-worker while a majority admitted office romances tend to end in tears with 54% saying they lead to ‘awkwardness’.

The recruitment firm said a blossoming romance across cubicles is only to be expected given the amount of time colleagues spend together and the common values fostered by sharing a career in the same company.

Spokesman Rusty Rueff said: ‘Don’t feel guilty for falling in love at work. Your employer worked hard to fill the company with people who share the same values, principles, work ethic, skills, and education.’

‘Plus, you’re together for 8 to 12 hours a day. So it’s not that surprising that romances tend to spark between employees. No matter what happens, don’t feel guilty.’

However the site advised employers may not be so comfortable with their workers sudden found passion for each other.

‘Don’t go public until you’re sure the relationship will last,’ Rueff added.

‘Since not all companies will be happy about your good news, it’s in your interest—and the interest of your partner—to be sure the relationship is real and worth investing in before having that conversation with the boss.’

The site also urges couples to keep quiet about any work-related information they pick up in the course of the relationship and keep work and the romance as separate as possible.

Several well-known couples have met in the workplace and had long and lasting relationships as a result.

President Barack Obama met his wife Michelle in 1989 in a Chicago law firm while Bill and Melinda Gates met while Melinda worked for Microsoft in 1987 and they married six years later.