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Dear Ms. Menhattan,

So I go on a date with this guy and he seemed really nice. He made reservations at a this intimate restaurant and we sat there for hours! We never ran out of something to talk about. We had a lovely three course meal and he let me order whatever my little heart desired. Then the check rolled around and BOOM he asked me to pay half the bill! I was so appalled that I whipped out my 11th grade french with a whopping, EXCUSEZ-MOI?! I figured he would pay the bill, I mean he picked this expensive restaurant to begin with. What was I supposed to think!

I paid my half and got out of there as quick as I possibly could. But he keeps calling me and texting me. He’s such a great guy and I think I want to see him again. What am I going to do? Is it wrong to expect the guy to pay? I am completely lost on the rules of dating.

Dazed and confused

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