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Single Awareness Day

The day is coming. You all know what I mean. The day that is a constant reminder of how single I am. All year I am reminded that I am strong, I am independent and I don’t need a man. Well, on Valentines Day strong and independent goes out the window. You have to have a date because people will ask if you have a date. And if you say no, you get the “aww” face. I hate that face. I want to punch that face. They try to seem like they’re sad that you don’t have a date but mostly they are laughing at you on the inside. It also sucks when someone try’s to get you to come out on their date like, “I’m sure my boyfriend won’t mind “. No, sorry I much rather be alone than third wheel on the most romantic day of the year.

But my favorite has to be the “How could you not have a date, you’re so pretty”. Clearly not pretty enough! And I would like to not be reminded of that thank you very much. I just want to move pass Valentines Day as if it never happened. I want to go home after work, eat some ice cream and pop in an 80’s movie and pretend that it is just another day of the year.

So if you haven’t noticed I am not excited for the rest of this week.

Ms. Menhattan

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