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Convertible Two

Dear Ms. Menhattan,

My roommate has been dating this guy but they are not serious.  He is so cute and we have tons of chemistry together! He is always flirting with me when she isn’t looking and makes comments that he is dumping her and would love to be with me!  It’s so hard to find great guys in the city. What should I do? I have only known my roommate for 3 years. HELP!


Murray Hill Gal

One thought on “Convertible Two

  1. Dear Murray Hill Gal,
    Before you act on any of your feelings think about the below:

    a) Do you have enough money to move out and find another place?
    b) Are you comfortable wrecking your “friendship” with your roommate?
    c) Are you comfortable with your inner circle calling you a slut and/or home wrecker?
    d) Are you comfortable knowing that he might do the same to you someday?

    If you have answered YES to all of the above then please be gangster and pursue this by all means!
    If you have answered with one NO then looks like you might have to tell this douche bag how uncomfortable he makes you feel and also tell your roommate she should rethink her relationship. Trust me, girl, you’re bound to meet another loser just like this one soon enough….let your girlfriend have him….
    Any questions?
    Ms. Menhattan

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