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Where is the love?

Dear Ms. Menhattan,

I’m getting up there in age and I have yet to find the one. You know, like a soul mate. Every time I think I’ve found him something goes wrong. I have no idea what to do. Living in the city makes it hard to settle down. I just want some stability. How can I find the one and fall in love?

The hopeless romantic

One thought on “Where is the love?

  1. Dear HR–
    I would first ask myself, “is my house in order?” I mean that both mentally and physically. Are you in a place of happiness and acceptance. Have you realized that only you can make you happy and a man is simply the cherry on top? Is your apartment a mess? Does your place look like it needs a serious need of the swiffer, wet jet? I would start there. Physical clutter only clutters the mind. Get everything sorted and feel good about yourself and I promise you, you will meet him in no time. Also, be open, talk to men that might not necessarily be your type and give them a chance. Step out of your comfort zone…smile to someone you find attractive on the street or on the subway. Why not? Men don’t expect you to be so bold and 9 out of 10, they love it! Stop putting a timeline on yourself…I firmly believe there is someone for everyone but in the meantime you want to be your best YOU!
    Keep your chin up and he a Hopeful romantic…
    –Ms. Menhattan

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