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Love is in the air: America’s best five airports… for picking up a date

For most people airports are places to be endured rather than enjoyed.

But a new survey has shown that many travelers see these busy transport hubs as perfect venues for finding love.

This is now so common that a website has  published a list of the top five US airports in which to ‘hook up’ as voted for by its members.

The poll by Miami-based MeetAtTheAirport.com – which acts as a dating website for travellers – found that east coast airports are more fruitful hunting grounds for those seeking a relationship than their west coast counterparts.

This is due, in part – it found – to worse weather and longer delays, which give singles more time to meet each other.

The website surveyed its 60,000 members to come up with the top five airports for hooking up – taking into account issues such as the airport’s size, restaurant and bar options, weather and other factors.

Top spot went to Orlando International Airport in Florida, which received a rating of 3.5 out of a possible five stars in the vote.

The airport is thought to be the best place to meet, among other things, because of its large number of restaurants and bars and the presence of a Hyatt Regency Hotel within the main terminal offering plenty of rooms for liaisons.

Another Florida airport, Miami International, came second in the list. The hub also has a large number of restaurants and bars and attracts a mix of international travellers as the main gateway between the US and Latin America.

Newark International Airport, which came third, is thought to have scored well because of its closeness to New York city and the variety of travellers who use it – from  Wall Street businessmen to supermodels.

Boston’s Logan International Airport came in at number four in the list primarily because of bad weather such as snow, which can sometimes cause long delays – giving travellers more time to get to know each other.

As the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ it is perhaps no surprise that Philadelphia International Airport made it in to the top five.

The airport has 16 bars, seven lounges and 57 restaurants, according to the survey, and also scored well because of its large size, proximity to the tri-state region, and ‘friendly locals,’ USA today reports.


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