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Holla! I’m listening!! 19 Easy Ways To Look Younger Instantly

Everyone knows the adage “you’re as young as you feel.” But that doesn’t make the widening disconnect between what you see in the mirror and how you “feel” any easier to take.

We buy boatloads of beauty products and religiously attend yoga classes in an effort to look younger than our years. We try to turn back the clock by eating anti-aging foods and applying sunscreen daily. Ever heard of a vampire facelift? Many people have tried that, too.

No doubt there are lots of tricks out there designed to make us appear younger. That’s why we asked our Facebook fans for their ideas — and we received an avalanche of responses. Take a look at some of our favorites below, and be sure to tell is your own anti-aging secrets in the comments.

1) “Have sex as often as possible,” said Sanna McIvor.

2) “Hang out with people older than me!” said Susan Foster Beste.

3) “Eat really well, enjoy the outdoors with my doggies, spend time with people I love, live, take care of my skin/hair,” said Carmen Quall.

4) “Stay active… if you just keep moving people can’t guess your age:-)” said Barbara Perry.

5) “Solid honey from the jar from a local grower on my face every three nights,” said Renate Lazzaretto.

6) “Drink Water!” said Mildred Van Ness.

7) “Relax a clenched jaw,” said X-ray Iris.

8) “Stand up straight,” said Fran Edens.

9) “Think positive thoughts and use Mary Kay… I’M SERIOUS,” said Iona Warmack.

10) “Zumba,” said Maria Regina Encarnação.

11) “Laugh often, love deeply, and praise God for every day above ground,” said Lorna Ann.

12) “Sleep. Smile. Practice good posture,” said Ana Maria Sierra.

13) “Maintaining slimness with a plant-based diet and light exercise,” said Wendy Holmgren.

14) “Act it!” said Debra Rose.

15) “Retinol at night, sunscreen every day. Exercise a few days per week,” said Marci Myers.

16) “Drink water, no kidding,” said Joanne Ivins.

17) “Take the mirrors off the wall,” said Eric A. Mann.

18) “Healthy diet, good sleeping habits, exercise, and stay in LOVE,” said Nancy Garcia Alvarado.

19) “Lipstick and a smile,” said Denice Loritsch.


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