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Boyfriend in a grump? He probably just wants a hug! Research shows modern men like cuddles as much as women

  • Survey shows men turn to physical contact in hour of need
  • Also enjoy music, fresh air and seeing friends
  • Women also chat to friends on the phone and watch favourite TV
  • Figures show we are more likely to have tea than opt for alcohol
  • Surprisingly a hot bath only came number 15 of the list

Modern men enjoy a hug as much as women do, according to new research.

A detailed study found far from being macho characters who hide their feelings, most men are now happy to admit they frequently need a cuddle amid their busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules.

Other things which men now turn to in the hour of need are music, fresh air and a get together with friends.

As well as also indulging in the above, women also admitted they reach for a cup of tea when they are glum, while chatting to a friend on the phone and watching their favourite TV programme also featured highly.

Overall the figures show we are more likely to flick the kettle on than opt for an alcoholic drink to cheer us up.

Psychologist Donna Dawson, said: ‘Little things mean a lot in life, and many of them are free: walking outdoors or listening to our favourite music both work by calming us through using our senses of sight, sound, smell and taste. 

And heightening our senses can, in turn, lift our spirits, especially on those dark miserable days of winter.

‘As ‘touch’ is the most powerful sense of them all, this explains why a hug is the number one ‘mood changer’.

We are more likely to turn to a cup of tea than alcohol

We are more likely to turn to a cup of tea than alcohol


‘When the skin is rubbed, it produces hormones and enzymes that boost the immune system and increase feelings of well-being. Women’s brains are naturally more ‘wired’ to be receptive to touch – which is why they find hugging easier to do than men.’

Top of the list of little things that mean a lot was a hug, with 55 per cent of people saying it was their number one seasonal mood improver.

Other things to make the top ten included spending one-on-one time with a partner, comfort food and a call or text from a relative.

Of the things that didn’t make the top ten, alcohol came in at 13th place.

The traditional hot bath took 15th place and, despite being known to physiologically improve well-being, exercise was down in 16th place in the study.

The study by AXA also examined the people we turn to on bad days, with 41 per cent of people saying their other half provides the most meaningful support.

However, men find their partner slightly more supportive than women do with 45 per cent of men, versus 39 per cent of women, stating they are their ultimate cheer-giver.

Next in the list came ‘a best friend’, with 10 per cent of men and 16 per cent of women stating that they are their first choice of support. Pets are fifth in the list of ‘people’ we turn to with six per cent of people saying they are their number one confidante.

By contrast, fathers are low down on the list with just one per cent of respondents saying they would seek out paternal reassurance when feeling down. This compares to seven per cent of people who turn to their mother.


DUH! Of course it has to benefit us!

The fickle face of feminism: Women are fine with sexism… as long as it benefits them, says new study

While wolf whistling and pay inequality might rankle, it seems that not all sexist behaviour is seen as a bad thing, according to a new study.

‘Benevolent sexism’, where women are treated as helpless entities in need of protection, is seen in a positive light by many – particularly those women with a strong sense of entitlement.

The results appeared in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Auckland and titled The Allure of Sexism: Psychological Entitlement Fosters Women’s Endorsement of Benevolent Sexism Over Time.

The study was set up to test part of the Ambivalent Sexism Theory, which splits discrimination against women into two varieties – hostile and benevolent.

Hostile, also known as misogyny, encompasses those who see women as second class and those who think women are intellectually inferior to men as well as other obviously sexist standpoints.

Benevolent sexism, meanwhile, is the term used to describe the actions of those men and women who believe females depend on their male partners for everything from money to guidance and find it difficult to exist independently.

‘This research was designed to test a central part of Ambivalent Sexism Theory that has not been previously examined,’ lead researcher Matthew Hammond told online magazine, PsyPost.org.

‘[We wanted to see] whether or not benevolent sexism is attractive to women because of its promises of benefits to individual women under the conditions of being cared for and provided for by a man within an intimate relationship.’

The study, which spoke to 2,700 women and 1,600 New Zealand men, found that women with a greater sense of entitlement – in other words, those that feel they have a ‘right’ to the best things in life – were more likely to agree with statements such as ‘Women should be cherished and protected by men.’

‘Even though both men and women have these kind of “entitled” tendencies to be reward-oriented and status-focused — the “cherish and protect” attitudes of benevolent sexism seem to take advantage of these qualities in women only,’ added Hammond.

‘This is an example of how benevolent sexism is an insidious set of ideas which appear to exploit “niceness” to encourage women to hold more sexist beliefs.’

Read the full report at PsyPost.org and in scientific journal, Social Psychological and Personality Science


Can you really snag a guy in ten days or less? One dating expert claims you can CHRISTY ALBRIGHT, head of marketing at Swoon — the first app designed for women by women — shares her six top tips to help you find your dream guy

I think we are ALL Listening here….LOL…..We do have to approach like it’s a JOB!

Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier than ever to search for a date through your smartphone with the swipe of a finger. But how do you go from searching for, to snagging, the guy of your dreams?

From how to analyze his profile picture, to the best way to send that first introductory message, you’ll be surprised at how simple — and fun — it is to connect with young, professional, like-minded singles nearby.

The good guys are out there. Have fun, be yourself, be open to love, and you will be able to quickly find a man that you, your family and friends will ‘swoon’ over.


As we all know, photos don’t tell the full story, but they do give us a little peek into someone’s personality.

While initial attraction is key, don’t be too quick to pass on a potential match. Take a look at what they’re doing in their photos. If a photo makes you laugh, take a chance and say ‘Yes’.

On the other hand, if there is an endless display of shirtless shots, it’s probably best to move on.


As for your photos, make sure you’re showing off your best you. Smile, laugh, be silly, and post a shot of you doing a fun activity.

Use photos that will be conversation starters. Pro tip: Stay away from group shots. You’re the center of attention here, not your friends.


Need a little nudge? Coming soon, Swoon will be the only app that allows you to text a guy’s profile to your female friends.

So, it’s easy to get a quick thumbs-up from your most trusted confidantes when you’re not sure or need a little encouragement.


Most importantly, be bold. It’s 2013, so don’t wait for him to reach out to you. If you see someone who catches your eye, don’t be shy. Confidence is always in style and a turn-on for most men.


Keep your initial correspondence short, sweet, playful and witty — you’re not looking for a pen pal.  Let’s be honest, does it really matter if the last book they read was War and Peace? The best part of fresh beginnings is learning about each other.


Not to state the obvious, but time is of the essence here, ladies! Nothing will replace the chemistry we feel in person, so schedule a meet-up soon to see if sparks fly.

Why not schedule one or two dates a day? Meet someone for gelato or cheese tasting, then, schedule a date later in the day at the dog park, or for a walk through the outdoor market for some seasonal treats.

Have fun, think outside the box and do something interactive. Simply put, the more dates, the more chances for love