Sorry boys, size DOES matter in the locker room: Well-endowed athletes are idolised and seen as more masculine

Ahhhhh….time to get good at other things LOL

  • The bigger a man’s penis the better, so far as athletes are concerned
  • Well-endowed men are more likely to be key to team camaraderie
  • Penis size is the basis for banter and nicknames among teammates
  • Just having a large penis is not enough, athletes also need to be known to be sexually active to be seen as masculine

5? For who? High schoolers ? Was that out loud?

Reached your fifth sexual partner? Then stop! Five is the magic number for finding Mr or Miss Right

How many sexual partners have you had? If the answer is five then the search for ‘the one’ could be over.

MSN have developed a love formula that can work out the key ingredients for a successful long lasting relationship, and it has revealed that the number of sexual partners someone has can affect their relationship success.

The formula has been devised for those looking to give their love life a bit of a spring clean – be that by taking their relationship to the next level or by completely re-evaluating it.

According to the 2,000 men and women surveyed to create the formula, we are most likely to settle with lover number five.

Exactly a quarter (25 per cent) of both men and women believe their partner should have had a fair amount of experience with four sexual partners before them – though one in five men (21 per cent) are holding onto tradition believing they should be their ideal woman’s FIRST partner.

Being funny is a big turn on apparently as when it comes to personality, the number one character trait both men and women search for in a partner is wit. 

How you act between the sheets also matters. Some 26 per cent of men believe that a successful relationship needs to involve good sex in order to succeed where as only 13 per cent of women believe this to be true.

MSN’s relationship expert and psychologist Corinne Sweet says that the reason we wait till partner number five to settle is because we are most sure of ourselves then.

‘Most people enter a serious relationship, hoping it will last forever.  Few know that it’s only by the time they get to sexual partner number five that they really know what they want, and are confident to voice it.  

When it comes to personal traits both men and women search for good wit in a long term partner


When it comes to personal traits both men and women search for good wit in a long term partner 

‘Good looks might help sexual attraction, but they don’t last forever, so it’s important to look at your partner’s personality, wants and desires as well.’

She goes on to say that the MSN love formula is not something to be sniffed at and can really help us work out what we want from a relationship.

‘The MSN Spring love formula can help determine the traits we should be looking for.  It can even indicate how long a relationship might last based on compatibility and mutual goals.  Forewarned is forearmed, even in love.’

Michael Walter from Winchester, Hants, has been with his girlfriend for two years and spent ten minutes working out the equation of the MSN love formula.

The 30-year-old said: ‘I spent a few minutes working out the formula and it revealed I will stay with my girlfriend for 33 years and 3 months.I’m delighted with the results, we’ve only been together for a year and a half and these results are promising.’

Although Michael was pleased with his long lasting result he was a little concerned as to what might happen once the 33 years are up.

Although we do not have plans to get married, 33 years is incredibly encouraging, though I do wonder what is going to happen at that point!’

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