Book Store to Booty Call

Dear Ms. Menhattan,

So I went on a date with this guy I met at a bookstore in Union Square. Since I met him at a bookstore I figured he had to be worth going on a date with. Meeting a guy that reads is so rare in the city. I had to jump on it! Anyway, we go out to this little restaurant on a Wednesday… This I though was weird, who plans a date in the middle of the week. Come to find out that he is a bartender on the weekends. He asked me to stop by his bar on Saturday night. After the night was over he asked me to go back to his place but I told I have a 5-date rule and I won’t go home with anyone until at least the fifth date.

Then Sunday rolled around and he didn’t call. But I figured he would call Monday, but he didn’t. Then Tuesday rolled around, then Wednesday and then Thursday. I gave up on waiting for him to call. New York City is like an ocean of men so I am not worried about this one guy; there are plenty other fish in this sea. But then Saturday night at around 8 I get a call from the bookstore guy saying come to a party in Soho. I decided to go, I had nothing better to do.

He asked me again to go back to his place. This time I said yes. And it was HOT! He was just so… so good. We texted the whole week and then next weekend I met him at his bar again and I let him take me home… again.

It went on like this for weeks. I never saw him unless it was dark outside and a weekend. Then I realized I was a BOOTY CALL. How could I let myself become a booty call!! But the sex is so great, how could I give this up. I can’t seem to decide If I should go by my morals or my sex drive.

Love or Lust

Single Awareness Day

The day is coming. You all know what I mean. The day that is a constant reminder of how single I am. All year I am reminded that I am strong, I am independent and I don’t need a man. Well, on Valentines Day strong and independent goes out the window. You have to have a date because people will ask if you have a date. And if you say no, you get the “aww” face. I hate that face. I want to punch that face. They try to seem like they’re sad that you don’t have a date but mostly they are laughing at you on the inside. It also sucks when someone try’s to get you to come out on their date like, “I’m sure my boyfriend won’t mind “. No, sorry I much rather be alone than third wheel on the most romantic day of the year.

But my favorite has to be the “How could you not have a date, you’re so pretty”. Clearly not pretty enough! And I would like to not be reminded of that thank you very much. I just want to move pass Valentines Day as if it never happened. I want to go home after work, eat some ice cream and pop in an 80’s movie and pretend that it is just another day of the year.

So if you haven’t noticed I am not excited for the rest of this week.

Ms. Menhattan